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No divorce, no matter how amicable it may appear to be to outside onlookers, is ever easy. Watching the person with whom you planned to spend your life walk away can be quite difficult emotionally. Arguing with your former spouse over issues such as spousal support or property division can be challenging and can often feel like a personal attack against you. You will not only need an experienced and qualified divorce lawyer who can get the job done but also an attorney who will be sensitive and empathetic through every stage of the dissolution process.

Before filing for a divorce in California, it is important to understand that some marriages in some cases can be annulled, avoiding the divorce process entirely, and it is also important to know that many couples choose to file for legal separation as an alternative to divorce. The first step that anyone seeking a divorce should take is to consult with a divorce attorney to learn the full range of your legal options and alternatives for ending a marriage.

Zech Law understands that divorce is very often an emotionally difficult process. We are sensitive to our clients’ needs and are genuinely concerned for the welfare of every client and family we serve. Where marital reconciliation is possible, you can rely on our counsel and support. If reconciliation is not a possibility, we will help you obtain a divorce that meets your needs. If children are involved, we make their best interests a primary concern. If you are seeking or anticipating a divorce, or if you simply need sound legal advice regarding divorce in the state of California, call Zech Law for a free consultation.

We Fight For Every Client

In California, the precise legal term for divorce is the "dissolution of marriage." In 1970, California was the first state to adopt "no-fault" divorce, so to obtain a divorce in California, you do not have to prove, for example, that your partner is mentally incapacitated or has committed adultery. A divorce may be granted if the court simply finds that "irreconcilable differences" have created an irrevocable breakdown of the marriage. Zech Law will fight aggressively to win favorable terms and settlements for every divorce client we represent.

Typically, one of the main controversies when negotiating a divorce settlement is the division of assets, including financial assets and the marital home. Any assets shared between yourself and your spouse will be considered marital assets, divided, and distributed during a divorce. If your spouse tries to hide any property or assets from the division and distribution process, Zech Law knows exactly how to find and uncover those hidden assets and how to ensure that community property is divided fairly in the divorce.

We Put Your Children First

Issues regarding children can often be a significant stumbling block to settling a divorce. Courts in California make sure that the interests of any children are put first in any California legal procedure. Typically, the courts seek as little disruption as possible in a child’s life regarding the child’s schooling and living arrangements. Zech Law will advocate for your child’s best interests, and we represent our clients in legal disputes regarding child custody, visitation, and child support.

If you were divorced before coming to Zech Law, and if you are not fully satisfied with the terms of your original divorce settlement, we can review the terms of that settlement and recommend the best way forward. In some cases, a modification may be needed. When court orders regarding custody, visitation, or support need to be changed or modified, we always aggressively represent our clients’ best interests.

Some divorces in California may take some time and patience. The divorce process is seldom easy and straightforward. A plethora of dissolution laws, rules, and regulations must be followed and several procedures must be conducted before a divorce decree can be finalized. California also has a residency requirement for divorce. At least one spouse must be a resident of the state for at least six continuous months and a resident of the county where the divorce petition is filed for at least three continuous months. Zech Law has the experience to provide you with the legal representation to work through the various issues that affect families during these tough times.

Our Commitment to Clients

Our Orange County divorce lawyers are quite often able to negotiate out-of-court agreements of divorce-related disputes instead of going to litigation. Negotiating away from the courtroom often helps to expedite the process and protects both partners’ privacies. Generally speaking, negotiated divorces take less time and cost less than contested divorces that go to trial. In California, contested divorces can drag on for months and sometimes for a year or more. If you and your spouse are unable to reach any agreements out-of-court, Zech Law will not hesitate to go to court on your behalf to ensure a fair and just resolution. It is the mission of our business to tap into legal resources and provide you with the best possible representation during your divorce.

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